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 Gina Marie Kendall 


        Need Therapy for your home or office?
   Would you like a Mind Body Space Cleanse?
                          Gina Marie Interiors
               will be the perfect match for you
Using Eco-Friendly Materials 
       Reduce . Reuse . Restore
Gina Marie Interiors offers services in:
*Feng Shui / Space Therapy &
*Space Planning Consultations
*Organizing your office space  
*De-cluttering your home  
*Painting Personalized Artwork /Murals
*Accessories for the home 
Flexible with your schedule and more sessions booked the less the price will be 
If you feel overwhelmed, stressed out, have no time for yourself or just for a fresh new look 



Gina Marie Kendall is the owner of Gina Marie Interiors. As a holistic design consultant her focus is to bring peace and wholeness back into ones life clarifying it through a mind body space cleanse. She has done a variety of projects, all to do with ones home environment, from a mural of a sunset off the coast of Maui to a completed renovation of a residential home. Gina received her bachelors of science degree in interior design from the New England Art Institute. She also holds numerous certifications, such as becoming regreen trained with ASID, and is a certified Feng Shui consultant.  She also continues to master her fine art skills, taking private lessons with Edi Olson Studios.

Commission Painting by Gina Marie 

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