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Japanese Garden Portland, OR

My Philosophy as a design consultant is to discover with each client the “less is more” theory where we consider our environment in every step we take using a more holistic approach. By reducing what we use and restoring furniture we may not want to leave behind we can reconnect our mind, body, and spirit, creating balance in our everyday life. 







Offering a lot of excitement in my design and fine art, because of the energy I put into each individual project, always connecting with my clients not only on a professional level but on a personal level as well.  Working with either a traditional style or if you are going for a contemporary look, always targeting what my clients are looking for, understanding personality, to deliver the most personalized products for each individual. All the while pushing design and art to another level, because it is not about quantity it’s about quality, therefore finding furniture of great quality, built to last, is my goal and finding products handmade or just reuse what you already have by restoring it to its natural finish. With this approach, let’s bring order, balance, comfort, and unity of shape into ones life to clarify your Being, and shed an abundant amount of enlightenment in your life.

“Less is more.” We tend to collect a lot of material objects over the course of our lives, which can ultimately be burdensome and weigh us down. I work with clients to put to good use items that may lack utility or significance, clearing your space will make for a more nontoxic healthier environment, putting your mind body and spirit at ease, giving you clarity and focus in your life.

Gina Marie Interiors is based out of Vancouver Wa. She finds great harmony within her work, relating it to the beauty of east coast architecture and west coast landscape. Gina Marie's mission is to incorporate green sustainable products into her work by using Eco-friendly materials. With her background in interior design and fine art she has been able to maintain a nice balance in mixing functional geometric objects with whimsical playful lines, always remembering to capture her clients desires first and foremost. With her passion to connect natures beauty within an ever changing world, and her detailed orientated eye, she will bring a fresh new look to your home, completing the "look" with personalized artwork.

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