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Feng Shui / Space Therapy / Space Planning Consultations 


The Art of Placement ~                                 

The ancient Indian spiritual masters equate space to awareness. Space therapy purifies both the mind and the body. Through being aware of our surroundings we then can become conscious of our space. Gina Marie's services can provide you with a clear understanding of awareness in ones space. 

You will receive : 

* Clarity and peace of mind 

* Stronger relationship with your significant other / attract the right relationship 

* More productivity within your career 

* Less stress and more relaxation 

* A non-toxic healthier environment 

Gina Marie will discuss with you :

* What is holding you back

* What to hold on to / what to let go

* How to start de-cluttering your space

* How to start going eco-friendly within your home or office

* How to add or reuse furniture or items in your home to enhance all parts of your life such as:

 ~ Family ~ Love ~ Knowledge ~ Health ~ Creativity ~Career ~ Wealth ~ Travel ~

$ 85 per hour or $325 for 5 sessions (each session one hour)



Organizing Office Space and De-Cluttering the home ~


Working with you hourly at your convenience to organize your office or any space in your environment to better suit your life style and give you clarity and peace of mind. 


 $ 85 per hour  or  $375 for 5 sessions  (each session one hour)


Painting Murals / Personalized ArtWork / Accessories for the home ~


Whether you have an image all your own or if you saw a photograph you would like turned into a painting that will last you a lifetime - I could personally make your art collection a reality and all within your budget, oil on canvas is my specialty, although I enjoy working with watercolor and acrylics as well.  

*Adding a new feature to your art collection, any painting you have enjoyed could be ordered as a tote bag, pillow or  various other accessories for your home. Please inquire with an email or phone call.


Price will vary ~                                           


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